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4.3 / 5


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Fortnite is an online multiplayer game developed by Epic Games. In the game, player is able to choose a character and an item to use in the game. The game consists of two teams, and each team is able to build fortresses to protect themselves. The objective of the game is to destroy the opponents’ fortress. It is free to play and is a third person shooter. In the game, players can play solo or with a team of up to four players to complete objectives and eliminate opponents. The game takes place on an island where 98% of the world's population has been turned into zombies. To survive, players must scavenge resources and survive the night.


Fortnite is a game where players are divided into two teams and they must fight to be the last team standing. The game requires players to stay in one location and fight to the death until only one team is left. Victory is achieved by being the last team standing, with the team winning the most rounds at the end of the game. The game has two phases: the building phase and the combat phase. In the building phase, players are able to fortify their position by building structures such as walls, ramps, and floors. In the combat phase, players are able to move, aim, and shoot their weapons. Players can play solo or with a team of up to four players. To complete objectives and eliminate opponents, players must scavenge for materials, build structures to defend themselves, and find weapons to protect themselves from the zombies. In order to win, players must reduce the opponent's life to zero.


Fortnite is a game with cartoon graphics, which means that it is not a realistic-looking game. The graphics are much different from other games, and the cartoon graphics make the game more appealing to audiences. The graphics for this game are unique and bright. If you are in a dark, dark area, the game will automatically adjust the graphics to make them brighter. The sound effects are not too heavy, so they won't interrupt your gameplay.


Players are able to play Fortnite over and over again and the game will be different each time. The game is very customizable and allows players to change the time of the game, the map, and the amount of players. The gameplay in this game is unique, but there are only a few different missions. However, this game is about surviving, so the replayability is not too high.


  • It is available on multiple platforms
  • It is free to download and play
  • It is a fun game to play
  • It is easy to play
  • It is a challenging game
  • The graphics are appealing


  • The graphics are not realistic
  • There are many bugs in the game
  • The controls are very complicated


Fortnite has been criticized by many parents because the game is not appropriate for children. It is a game that allows players to be violent with one another and to shoot people. Parents have complained that the game is also too addictive and that their children spend too much time playing this game. Another complaint is that the game is very expensive. People have complained that they have no idea how to play the game, so they have spent $60 on this game without even knowing how to play.


4.3 / 5

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Author: Epic Games
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